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Dr Erika Drewes

Functional & Family Medical Practitioner
MBChB, MMedFamMed, Dip. Obs

Dr Erika Drewes is a specialist family physician with 20 years of experience in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

After qualifying as a medical doctor, Erika worked in various private and public hospitals in Gauteng, KZN and the UK. During this time she completed a Masters in Family Medicine ( UKZN), Diploma in Obstetrics ( Colleges of Medicine) and the Vocational Training Programme of McCord Hospital in Durban. She became frustrated with the limitations GP consultations which were often to too short to unpack the root cause of the problem as well as the tendency in these contexts to manage symptoms instead of treating the cause of a disease. She learnt to be more reflective about her patient relationships and she became aware of important Family Medicine principles such as understanding the context of person and learning to appreciate the subjective side of medicine. She also understood that a Family Physicians first commitment is to a person and not to a body of knowledge, special disease or treatment. She started to redefine her practice to be more integrative in an attempt to address conditions more holistically.

At this time she relocated to Germany and there she was able to explore several complementary modalities of medicine. She continued her training by attending various courses and workshops in mitochondrial medicine, gut health, connective tissue science and functional medicine. This journey of personal development culminated in her founding a new practice called Optimal Health in 2021.

Erika’s interests include women’s health and hormonal balance, connective tissue health and rehabilitation ( especially cerebral palsy), gut health, mold illness, auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue and chronic infections.

She is married to Helmut and they have 2 children.

Erika looks forward to meeting you and assist you in your health journey.